Worldwide Competence ~ VÖLKEL Threading Solutions & V-COIL Thread Insert System

VÖLKEL GmbH is the specialist manufacturer of thread-cutting tools with over 100 years of expertise from both the VÖLKEL and the Carrington families.

The well-established VÖLKEL thread-cutting tool sets and V-COIL thread insert system are the preferred choices for tool professionals for their quality, functionality, design and price.

Located in the Morshach valley near Remscheid, Germany, Volkel's headquarters as well as its state-of-the-art logistic centre serves customers in more than 70 countries worldwide.

VÖLKEL products we carry:
JIS Taps • DIN Hand Taps • DIN Machine Taps • ISO Taps • Round Dies & Hexagon Die Nuts • Tap & Die Sets • Dies Stock & Tap Wrenches and more.

V-COIL products we carry:

Wire Thread Inserts • Thread Repair Kits • Thread Repair Workshop Kits • Inserting Tools • Tang Break Tools • Extracting Tools • STI-Taps • STI-Drills and more.